THERMACUT - The Cutting Company

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Over a period of 28 years, the THERMACUT Group has undergone a multitude of changes. THERMACUT (originally Tatras Imports Inc.) was incorporated in Claremont, New Hampshire in 1990 and sold products under the brand ZAP Plasmatherm, a reseller of plasma consumables from local vendors directly to end-users. The company began operating with three employees, conducting business through telephone sales. In 1992, the company opened a small manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, followed by a sales office there in 1996. The Czech facility was created to produce and sell plasma consumables and torches directly into the Eastern European market and through distributors in Western Europe under the brand name THERMACUT, utilizing both inside and outside sales representatives. And in 1993 the THERMACUT brand was introduced into North America and sold through distributors.

In January of 1999, STK Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik GmbH (a holding company 100% owned by the IBG Group of Cologne, Germany) purchased 80% of the shares of THERMACUT and in 2002 completed the acquisition to become the 100% shareholder of the THERMACUT Group.

Since those early and humble beginnings, THERMACUT has evolved into a major force in providing plasma torches and consumables through multiple sales channels supported by ten sales subsidiaries. THERMACUT also has a close partnership with Abicor-Binzel (an IBG owned company) with locations in India, the Middle East, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. Based on customer demand, THERMACUT has also introduced TIG/WIG, MIG/MAG and Oxy-fuel products and produces those products at its modern ISO 9001 production facility located in Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic.

The THERMACUT Group has focused its efforts on providing high quality, direct replacement consumable and torch product lines that will meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers who are cutting and welding metals thermally throughout the world. As our customer base grew, their expectations and demands also increased. In 2005, THERMACUT expanded its product portfolio with the addition of advanced consumables, which have included products such as the Silver Plus™, Silver Pro™ and Silver-EX® electrodes, plus the patented Tungsten-EX™ nozzles.

By 2013, the THERMACUT Group continued to expand and evolve in the thermal cutting and welding marketplace. In December of 2012, the THERMACUT Group concluded the purchase of the HOLMA® AG, a producer of premium quality laser consumables, which satisfies ongoing requests from customers for a high quality laser consumable brand and a further expansion of THERMACUT’s plasma cutting and oxy-fuel consumable product portfolio.

In September 2013 at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN Exposition, the THERMACUT Group evolved once again with the introduction of a line of plasma cutting systems for both manual and mechanized plasma processes up to 65 mm thickness. The initial introduction featured a 105 amp system. THERMACUT also had 65 and 85 amp systems on display. With this change, THERMACUT has made clear to its customers around the world its intention to move into the position of a producer of a full range of original plasma products.

From 2016 to 2018, plasma power sources from 30 A to 125 A were gradually introduced. The HD series, along with its original torches and the patented Torch Connection System (TCS) connector, was launched in 2017 at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Dusseldorf.

As with plasma cutting, THERMACUT is the leader in the field of laser cutting technology. In 2017 at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, we presented the original EX-TRABEAM® laser head, which was launched in the second half of 2018.

Throughout the life of the THERMACUT Group, we have believed that “The customer is always right.” This is what motivates us to improve in all areas, starting with the development of all products and ending their sales.

“THE CUTTING COMPANY” is not just a slogan for us. It is an established practice. Join THERMACUT in the world of cutting to discover new and alternative applications, and take full advantage of new possibilities offered by the digital cutting world.